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Welcome to our website!

bgprofessionalacademy has been founded and developed with a clear focus in mind. The Academy has a two key strategic outcomes:

1. To become a certifying & support academy across Bulgaria for working professionals.

2. To provide Professional Services i.e. Project Management & Business Solutions

The academy encourages partnerships within two strategic outcomes. The Business Academy  delivers a specific range of provision to clients across Bulgaria. Local partner's are identified to assist in this process. The Professional Services division is based upon a practitioners, assisting clients to successfully delivery projects. This Division is managed directly, where all associates are defined and approved.

The key drivers of the academy is to:

- To maintain a common body of knowledge for business professionals 
-  To provide support for global leadership & business professionals 

- To certify business professionals to international standards &
create career advancement
- To provide services to clients, to ensure successful dleivery of projects

The academy will provide innovative, dynamic and flexible training programmes to suit the needs of individuals and or organisations looking to up skill their workforce.


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